Aims and Scope

Editorial policy and general information

GJSR is an international, multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed, open-access journal that aims to attract high-quality original research spanning all domains of science with special emphasis on the most current topics of interest to the scientific community for the benefit of society. It gives the platform to researchers from scientific areas to promote scholarly publication in academia and industry in a wide area of specialization to achieve excellence. GJSR welcomes submissions from a broad range of disciplines that align with its mission to promote cutting-edge research in science and technology. GJSR is dedicated to publishing novel research in all fields of science and technology, in the form of original articles, short communications, reviews, case reports, or letters to the editor, including:

  • Biological sciences (botany, biophysics, entomology, microbiology and zoology)
  • Chemistry (analytical, biochemistry, organic, inorganic, and physical)
  • Physics (astronomy, geophysics, geology, mathematics and physics)
  • Green and renewable energy
  • Climate change
  • Sustainable development
  • Nanotechnology
  • Biotechnology
  • Environmental sciences.